Thursday, March 13, 2008

Arusuvai Chain - Saffron

I have really not cooking much lately, what with a hectic work schedule and general change of season tiredness. But...ages ago, my fellow-blogger Shella introduced me to the Friendship chain and sent me some saffron essence. I don't use saffron much, except in badam kheer, badam halwa or to put on my kids' noses when they have colds ( it works a treat on young kids), and I didn't want to repeat the badam recipes so after some soul-searching, decided to whip up something off the top of my head.

When I was a kid, my dad used to make caramel toast for me occasionally, as a treat. I still love that, by the way, but I wondered how it would be if I added a twist to the Caramel toast and layed it with khoya flavoured with saffron (khoya is thickened milk, thickened until it is the consistency of dough, and can be moulded). Once the thought got into my head, mostly prompted by the small quantity of khoya left over from my black carrot halwa, I had to give it a whirl.

It tasted rather good, actually, with the milky bland contrast of the khoya against the sugar injection of caramel toast. The saffron added a good richness to the mix, so I am contemplating making this the next time we entertain. It'll certainly be something I can whip up in a hurry if we have unexpected guests.

Caramel toast:
A few slices bread( white or brown, either will do)
Some dollops of ghee
1 tbsp sugar for each slice of bread

Heat some of the ghee in a frying pan. When it has melted, sprinkle half a tbsp of sugar all over, roughly about the size and shape of your slice of bread.
Once the sugar turns pale brown, pop in the bread slice and cook on a low flame, pressing down, until the caramel turns a bit darker.
Remove the bread slice, put some more ghee and sugar and put the slice of bread, uncoated side down, onto the pan and let that too get browned.

When all your slices are done ( and do remember not to stack them while hot - they'll all stick together), mix the saffron essence into the khoya and spread, like butter but only more thickly ( as thick as a slice of cheese) on top of half the bread slices. I had about 100 gms of khoya which was enough for 4 bread slices. Sandwich with the remaining caramel toasts and serve cut up into swuares, like a burfi.


Asha said...

Ooh! Caramel toast sounds so good, great dish for Arusuvai bev.
Hope you post few Flambe tricks sometime.I tried but fire didn't catch on, then gave up!:D

Mike of Mike's Table said...

That's an interesting item I wouldn't have thought of. Certainly sounds like a quick and tasty snack and the saffron seems like it would make it really special

Bharathy said...

Wow! A real majestic treat! :)love the recipe!
I was doing my usual rounds to see the arusuvai posts..and thanks for the real pleasnt surprise you have given me :)
Thanks for taking up and posting a nice recipe!:)

bird's eye view said...

Asha - will post the flambe trick, i promise. I worked at a French creperie after I finished school for about six months and learnt to do a mean flambe and came up with come interesting combinations for fillings.

Mike - yeah, these old childhood recipes do come in handy, especially when you're craving a sugar rush. In fact, when I do get down to making icecream come summer, I'm thinking of serving it with caramel toast on the side.


Thanks. I've been meaning to post this for a long time and just been too preoccupied with various things.