Monday, October 22, 2007

Pizza for breakfast

I always find it interesting how our cultures influence the way we feel about different foods. For most of us from India, brought up on traditional food habits, the idea of eating something sweet for breakfast is quite odd. For Westerners, it is a source of amazement that our spice-eating starts from the first meal of the day. Our breakfasts are uppittu, poha, dosa with chutney and huli, parathas...theirs are pancakes and waffles, muffins and corn flakes...

One of the reasons that Indians have taken so well to Pizza is that in many ways it's not that different from what they eat. It's like having a naan with veggies on top. I remember, Nirula's had created this keema pizza which used to be tremendously popular. And now of course, Pizza Hut and others have gone whole hog with tandoori pizzas, pizza with paneer and so on. I'm waiting to see if chicken chettinad finds its way atop a pizza someday soon.

Naturally, pizza is one of my picky son's favourite things to eat. I think it's a reasonably healthy thing, especially if we make it out of whole wheat flour and add lavish toppings of veggies, so ordering pizza in is one of the treats he gets once in two weeks or so. It's also a really fun breakfast food, and one of the few things he gulps down without me standing over his head yelling my head off every half a second ( he is apt to forget eating and drinking when he is engrossed in his latest fad - paper aeroplanes - which he is engaged in every second of the day).

Pizza Toast


Whole wheat bread/ Multigrain bread

Finely diced tomatoes

Finely diced green peppers

Finely diced red and yellow peppers

Finely diced onions

Pizza sauce ( To keep it simple, I use Fun foods pizza topping, but at a pinch even ketchup will do)

Grated mozzarella cheese ( or Amul processed cheese - the kind out of a tin. Maybe it's habit, but I love the taste of it on these pizzas)

Assemble the pizza quickly by topping the bread slices with the pizza sauce and then the veggies and finally cheese.

Park in the oven for 2-3 minutes, until the toast turns crisp and brown.

Eat fast!



This Idea have always been in back of my mind...Thanx for bringing out this recipe...:)

mummyjaan said...

Oh, yes, we do these in our house too. You can make them on mini-pita's as well....

So far, I have made mini-pizzas for snacks rather than breakfast.

Good of you to remind this forgetful mommy!

Asha said...

Ooh!! That is clever.Bet your kid loves that.My kids leave ome 7am to school, just not hungry enough to eat that. Just grab a cereal bar and OJ.
Looks delicious!:))

Apple said...

This looks so inviting...great idea for a quick n delicious breakfast..

easycrafts said...

superrrrrrrrr....even i do it on breads only for using out the leftover ingredients after making pizza on pizza base

Happy cook said...

This is indeed a clever idea.
My daughter would love it if i gave it for lunch.
Agree with you about in the west they don't understand we indian eating spicy food in the morning.

bird's eye view said...

Thanks, raks, apple, asha and happy cook.

mummyjaan and easycrafts - I've had this on pita, mini-blinis and even good old monaco biscuits. All yummy. i guess you just can't argue with pizza.

Shella said...

I do this all the time, n simply looove every bit of it.

bird's eye view said...

Shella - yes, such a simple and yet heavenly dish. God bless the guy who first thought of pizza!