Tuesday, October 30, 2007

These are a few of my favourite foods...

This is an interesting meme from lululovesbombay.blogspot.com. Please answer these in the comments box here or on lulu's blog and or in your own blog and post a link back!

-> the aroma that comes to mind when you are hungry
Can't think of a specific aroma actually, but one smell that starts me craving is that of buttered popcorn - impossible to resist.

->a snack you always carry with you
khatta aam papar

-> what's on your wish-list when you are happiest?
Pasta, chaat, something exotic

-> your most memorable meal?
a five course specially pre-ordered vegetarian french meal at a little restaurant near fontainebleau

-> a dish you have cooked for a loved one
Chocolate chestnut cake for my husband's 40th birthday; chholey bhaturey for his birthday every year; eggless cake for my grandma's 80th birthday

-> a cuisine you have heard about, and are keen to sample?

-> the most outrageous food you have come across?
Deep fried beetles

-> your favourite from your mom's kitchen?
Saaru anna ( rasam and rice); kheer with saame ka chawal, coconut obbattu


Asha said...

Good to read your MeMe!! Rasam and rice, yum!:))

Lulu said...

chocolate chestnut cake..yum! and very very cute that you make chole bhatura every year for your husband's birthday..

bird's eye view said...

Thanks asha. Saaru anna really is an all-time favourite!

Lulu - I have had this baking itch I need to scratch for a while now, so I have a feeling I'm going to post that chocolate chestnut cake here real soon.

Chole bhature - the things we do for the men we love:)